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Museums in the United States
Here is a list of natural history museums, science museums, transport museums, national museums and art museums in the United States. This list of museums includes nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or exhibits available for public viewing.
List of Museums
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Museums in Alabama

Museums in Alaska

Museums in Arizona

Museums in Arkansas

Museums in California

Museums in Colorado

Museums in Connecticut

Museums in Delaware

Museums in Florida

Museums in Georgia

Museums in Hawaii

Museums in Idaho

Museums in Illinois

Museums in Indiana

Museums in Iowa

Museums in Kansas

Museums in Kentucky

Museums in Louisiana

Museums in Maine

Museums in Maryland

Museums in Massachusetts

Museums in Michigan

Museums in Minnesota

Museums in Mississippi

Museums in Missouri

Museums in Montana

Museums in Nebraska

Museums in Nevada

Museums in New Hampshire

Museums in New Jersey

Museums in New Mexico

Museums in New York

Museums in North Carolina

Museums in North Dakota

Museums in Ohio

Museums in Oklahoma

Museums in Oregon

Museums in Pennsylvania

Museums in Rhode Island

Museums in South Carolina

Museums in South Dakota

Museums in Tennessee

Museums in Texas

Museums in Utah

Museums in Vermont

Museums in Virginia

Museums in Washington

Museums in Washington DC

Museums in West Virginia

Museums in Wisconsin

Museums in Wyoming

Museums in U.S. territories


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