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The first lighthouse in America was Boston Light on Little Brewster Island (1716). The original tower was destroyed by the British during the evacuation of Boston and eventually reconstructed in 1784. The oldest existing lighthouse in America is Sandy Hook Lighthouse, NJ (1764), which is still in operation. By the end of the 19th century, the United States with its long coastlines had the most lighthouses of any nation. Lighthouse keepers were needed to trim the wicks, replenish fuel, wind clockworks and perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning lenses and windows. The last manned lighthouse built in the U.S. was the Charleston Light constructed in 1962.

Lighthouses in Delaware

Delaware Historic Lighthouse Information & Lighthouse Pictures
Delaware USCG
Baker Shoal Range Rear Lighthouse, Port Penn
Baker Shoal Range Front Lighthouse, Port Penn
Bellevue Range Rear Lighthouse, Wilmington
Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, Lewes
Cherry Island Range Rear Lighthouse, near Edgemoor
Christiana North Jetty Lighthouse, near Wilmington
Delaware Breakwater West End Lighhouse, Lewes
Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse, Lewes
Delaware Breakwater Range Front Lighthouse, Lewes
Fenwick Island Lighthouse, Fenwick Island
Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse, in the Delaware Bay
Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse, Lewes
Liston Range Rear Lighthouse, Delaware River
Liston Range Front Lighthouse, Delaware River
Mahon River Lighthouse, Port Mahon
Marcus Hook Range Rear Lighthouse, near Bellefonte
Mispillion Lighthouse, on the Mispillion River
New Castle Range Rear Lighthouse, near New Castle
New Castle Range Front Lighthouse, near New Castle
Reedy Island Range Rear Lighthouse, near Port Penn

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