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Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde, Spanish for green table, offers a spectacular look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people who made it their home for over 700 years, (600 A.D. to 1300 A.D.) Today, Mesa Verde National Park protects over 4,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States.
National Park Service Emblem
In 1906 Mesa Verde became a National Park.
Mesa verde national park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966. then designated a World Heritage Site on September 6, 1978.

Cliff Palace
Cliff Palace, Picture of Cliff Dwellings
Ancestral Pueblo Indians inhabited Mesa Verde for more than 700 years
Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America. and is the best-known of the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. The structure is 288 feet long. There are about 150 rooms in the cliff palace structure, plus an additional 75 open areas. Twenty-one of the rooms are kivas, and 25 to 30 rooms have residential features. The number of Ancestral Puebloans living in Cliff Palace at any one time was 100 to 120
Picture of Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings
Cliff Palace an ancient pueblo structure
Cliff Palace has become a major Colorado tourist attraction. Cliff palace is currently only open to the public through ranger guided tours. In addition to Mesa Verde Cliff Palace, there are a number of cliff dwellings that can be toured during your visit to Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
square Tower House
Square Tower House, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings
The tower that gives this site its name is the tallest structure in Mesa Verde. This cliff dwelling was occupied between AD 1200 and 1300
spruce tree house
Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings
Spruce Tree House, the third largest cliff dwelling was constructed between 1211 ad and 1278 ad, by the ancestors of the Puebloan peoples. Spruce Tree House contains about 130 rooms and 8 kivas, or ceremonial chambers, built into a natural cave measuring 216 feet at greatest width, 89 feet at its greatest depth. It is thought to have been home for about 80 people.
Close-up of Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings


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