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Mission History
List of Spanish Missions in Florida
Missions are among the state's oldest structures and the most visited historic monuments. Each Florida mission had to fabricate virtually all of its construction materials from local materials.

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The first Spanish missions to the Indians of Florida began soon after the founding of St. Augustine in 1565. The mission buildings of Florida were built with posts set into the ground. The walls were palmetto thatch, wattle and daub or plank, or left open.



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  • Asunción de Puerto
  • Santa Ana de Potano
  • San Antón de Carlos (Calusa)
  • San Antonio de Anacape
  • San Antonio de Bacuqua
  • San Augustín de Ahoica
  • San Augustín de Urihica
  • San Buenavertura de Guadalquini
  • San Buenaventura de Potano in north-central Florida, in the 1590s Franciscan missionaries reached the Potano, first with visits by an itinerant missionary, and in 1609 with a mission, San Francisco de Potano. Other missions soon followed, with five in Potano territory by 1633.
  • San Carlos de los Chacatos The Spanish established three missions to the Chatot in the 17th century. The mission were located near the upper Apalachicola River and Chipola River basins in Florida.
  • San Carlos de Yatcatani
  • Santa Catalina de Afuerica
  • Santa Catalina de Guale 1602-1702 was a Spanish Franciscan mission and town in Spanish Florida. Santa Catalina de Guale mission was located on St. Catherines Island from 1602 to 1680, then on Sapelo Island from 1680 to 1684, and finally on Amelia Island from 1684 to 1702.
  • Santa Clara de Tupiqui
  • La Concepción de Ayubale
  • Santa Cruz de Ajohica
  • Santa Cruz de Cachipile
  • Santa Cruz de Capoli
  • Santa Cruz de Tarihica
  • San Damián de Cupaica (also known as San Cosmo Y San Damias De Escambe or San Damian de Cupahica) was a Spanish Franciscan mission built in the 17th century in the Florida Panhandle, three miles northwest of the present-day town of Tallahassee, Florida. The site where the original mission stood was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on May 14, 1971.
  • San Diego de Laca
  • San Diego de Salamototo
  • San Diego de Satuache
  • Santo Domingo de Talaje
  • Santo Domingo de Asao
  • Santa Elena de Machaba
  • Santa Fé de Toloca
  • San Felipe de Athulutheca
  • San Francisco de Chuaquin
  • San Francisco de Oconi
  • San Francisco de Potano
  • San Ildefonso de Chamini/Chamile
  • La Encarnación a la Santa Cruz de Sábacola
  • Santa Isabel de Utinahica
  • San Joseph de Ocuya (Jose de Ocuya)
  • San Joseph de Sapala (Jose de Zapala)
  • San Juan De Aspalaga
  • San Juan De Guacara
  • San Juan del Puerto
  • San Lorenzo de Ibihica
  • San Lorenzo de Ivitachuco
  • Santa Lucia de Acuera
  • San Luis de Acuera
  • San Luis de Apalachee
  • San Luis de Eloquale (Ocale)
  • San Luis de Talimali
  • Santa María de Ayubale
  • Santa María de Loreto
  • Santa María de los Angeles de Arapaha
  • San Martín de Ayaocuto
  • San Martín de Timucua was a Fig Springs mission site and archaeological site in Ichetucknee Springs State Park. It has been identified as the site of San Martín de Timucua, which was occupied in the first half of the 17th century. An apparent midden was discovered in the tributary in 1949, The mission and a survey with limited excavations in 1986 found evidence of a mission on the adjacent land, including a church building, missionary residence, cemetery, plaza and native village. More extensive excavations were carried out in 1988-1989. San Martín de Timucua, Ichetucknee Springs State Park
  • San Martín de Tomole
  • San Matheo de Tolapatafi
  • San Miguel de Asile was a Spanish Franciscan mission built in the early 17th century in the Florida Panhandle, near the present-day town of Lamont, Florida. The site where the mission stood was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on December 17, 1974.
  • San Miguel de Potano
  • San Nicolás de Tolentino
  • Nombre de Dios
  • San Pedro do los Chines
  • San Pedro de Mocama on Cumberland Island
  • San Pedro de Potohiriba
  • San Pedro y San Pablo de Patale was a Spanish Franciscan mission built in the early 17th century in the Florida Panhandle, The site where the mission stood was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. San Pedro y San Pablo de Patale is located 6 miles east of Tallahassee, Florida
  • La Purificación de Tama
  • San Salvador de Mayaca
  • San Sebastian
  • Santiago de Ocone


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