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Caves in California

Black Chasm Cavern is a show cave in California's gold rush country, west of the Sierra Nevada. It is a vertical cave, about 4000 feet long. Black Chasm Cavern is a National Natural Landmark, due to its geological diversity and spectacular helictite crystals, located in the Landmark Room. Black Chasm Cavern is located in Volcano, CA

Boyden Cave is a mile-long cavern located in Kings Canyon National Park. Boyden Cave or Boyden Cavern is located in the deepest Canyon of the United States, the 2,500m deep Kings River Canyon, which is part of the Sequoia National Forest. Boyden Cave is a privately owned cave system. Regular tours of the cave are given by a licensed guide company.

Bronson Caverns

California Caverns in the early days, the cave was known as "Mammoth Cave." California Cavern was the very first cave in the state to be opened to the public for guided tours in 1850. California Caverns is a State Historic Landmark, and claims the distinction of having the most extensive system of caverns and passageways. California Caverns is in Mountain Ranch, CA

Crystal Cave has impressively large rooms, stalactites and curtains, and ornate marble polished naturally by a subterranean stream. Crystal Cave is located off the Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park.

Lake Shasta Caverns offers spelunkers the oppurtunity to explore the inner reaches of the cave by obtaining a special permit issued by the Shasta Lake Visitor Center. There are Lake Shasta cave tours available, as well. Lake Shasta Cavernis located in Lakehead, CA

Lava Beds National Monument has the largest concentration of lava tube caves in North America. Lava Beds National Monument is an area that is pock-marked with cinder cones, flooded with ancient lava flows and the park includes Petroglyph Point, one of the largest panels of Native American rock art in the United States. Roughly ninety percent of the lava in the monument is basaltic. Lavacicles on the ceiling of a lava tube were left, Dripstone was created when lava splashed on the inside walls of the tubes. Lava Beds National Monument is located near Tulelake, CA.

Mercer Caverns is located in Murphys, CA

Mitchell Caverns

Moaning Cavern is the largest single cave on the west coast, tall and spacious enough inside to hold the Statue of Liberty. It is open to the public for walking tours, rappelling, and spelunking. Moaning Cavern is also an archaeological site, where some of the oldest human remains known in America were discovered, the bones were preserved by the mineral-rich water in the cave. Moaning Cavern is located in Vallecito, CA

Subway Cave

Sunny Jim Cave

Ursa Minor (cave)

Vasco Caves

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This page and the links provided here will lead you to further cave information, cave tour information and may enable you to view cave art and get a cave map. We will be providing cave diving pages, that include cave, cavern, and sinkhole diving locations. Cave diving is a type of technical diving in which specialized SCUBA equipment is used to enable the exploration of natural or artificial caves. NOTE: Some of these caves listed, may include areas for cave diving.



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