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Orcas Island Studios is an Internet and web site business devoted to promoting tourism, travel and your business on our web sites. Our offices are located at Lieber Haven Resort and Marina on Orcas Island in Washington State. We also own Lieber Haven Resort and Marina. For 25 or so years we have been working in the tourism industry.

Orcas Island Studios mission is simple: to provide the best user-friendly sites for our visitors to experience and the best link and/or advertising space for our customers, at the lowest prices possible. Orcas Island Studios does not make web sites for other businesses. We develop our own web sites for many locations on the planet, and sites for subjects such as golfing, wineries, discount shopping, news, kayak manufacturers, technology, tourism, travel and points of interest. We also develop sites for the mobile Internet user, .mobi and .tel sites are designed specifically for ease of viewing on small screen devices, making them popular. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. We specialize in optimizing all our web sites and the pages for search engines, to gain maximum exposure for the subject, locations, our clients and advertisers.

Owning the resort and Orcas Island Studios, we regularly canvas people in person and through phone queries about what subjects they are looking for in their Internet searches for vacation and travel planning. Many people have expressed to us, that they wish there was a web site that would provide extensive tourist information about attractions, points of interest and local information for all 50 states and even other countries. They also want the site to be kid safe, user friendly as possible, with no pop-ups, no scroll bars, no search bars, no cookies, and a site that would enable them not to have to spend so much time searching through numerous web sites to find what they are looking for.

Due to the enormous amount of feed back, in 2004 Orcas Island Studios started developing this comprehensive travel and tourist information site: TouristInformationDirectory.Com. We have had such great visitor interest and success we are continuing to add even more subjects to create an even larger one-stop travel and tourist information site.

Lieber Haven Resort and Marina provides us with direct visitor and tourist information experience as well. We have a visitor center, we provide lodging, have a marina, general store, free wi-fi and offer kayak and boat rentals including other activities for our visitors and lodging guests, we also direct people to local and Washington State attractions and of course to Tourist Information Directory .Com.

Read more about Tourist Information Directory getting linked and advertising. Read more about us, Visit our online store Please visit our home page, view what Tourist Information Directory site offers and take a look at what is in the works.

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