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List of Connecticut State Parks
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Here is a list of Connecticut State Parks and State Forests , that are operated under the Connecticut State Park System.


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List of Connecticut State Parks
The majority of Connecticut State Parks offer camping, many have lodging facilities that include cabins, yurts etc. Please visit the links to Connecticut State Parks for camping and campground information.

American Legion and Peoples State Forest Henry Buck Trail at the old bridge site leads up through the forest to the ruins of an old cheese box mill. Agnes Bowen Trail proceeds north to the James Stocking Recreation Area. Charles Pack Trail leads northerly past an old cellar hole. Elliott Bronson Trail runs through a portion of the forest crossing a 60' cliff with a good view. Jessie Gerard Trail starts at East River Road near the old Indian Settlement known as Barkhamsted Lighthouse, the views from this area are some of the best in the state. Seasonal interpretive programs are based at the Stone Museum, a nature museum, offering displays on forestry, mammals, Native American culture, and local history. American Legion and Peoples State Forests is located in Barkhamsted CT.
( Read more about Peoples State Forest below)

Bigelow Hollow State Park lies within one of the largest unbroken forest areas in Eastern Connecticut. Bigelow Hollow State Park provides access to three popular fishing ponds. Bigelow Hollow State Park is located in Union, CT

Black Rock State Park is for hiking enthusiasts. Black Rock State Park is home to Black Rock, a large rock face offering views of Thomaston, Watertown and portions of Waterbury Connecticut. The name "Black Rock" is derived from the local graphite deposits which the early settlers of the Naugatuck Valley were allowed to mine by the resident Indians. Black Rock State Park is located in Watertown CT.

Bluff Point State Park encompasses over 800 acres. Bluff Point State Park is the last remaining significant piece of undeveloped land along the Connecticut coastline. The long, narrow beach is a geological remnant of the continental glaciers. Bluff Point State Park is located in Groton CT.

Bolton Notch State Park has a hiking trail that is part of an old railroad bed that once provided electricity to the railroad. The rocks at Bolton Notch State Park show that the area was once the site of an ancient transgressing sea, part of which can be observed along the old railroad. Bolton Notch State Park is located in Bolton CT.

Burr Pond State Park, Burr Pond covers 88 acres of this 436-acre park. Recreational opportunities include fishing and hiking in search of the bronze tablet marking Connecticut's role in the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution. Gail Borden, discoverer of the process of milk preservation by evaporation and condensation, built the world's first condensed milk factory here, in 1857. Burr Pond State Park is located in Torrington CT.

Campbell Falls State Park Reserve was placed under protection of the two states in 1923 and special laws were passed in 1924 to authorize the cooperation in care and maintenance of the park. Campbell Falls State Park is located in Norfolk CT.

Chatfield Hollow State Park is where you you can hike the trails in search of Indian caves. Early settlers made use of the stream for waterpower. Explore the jagged rocky ledges, enjoy fishing, and relax by the cooling waters. Chatfield Hollow State Park is located in Killingworth CT.

Cockaponset State Forest is named after an Indian chief who's buried in the Ponset section of Haddam. Cockaponset State Forest has the second largest state forest in Connecticut. Cockaponset State Forest is located in Haddam CT.

Collis P. Huntington State Park has 883 acres over fields and dense woodlands. The park was donated to the citizens of Connecticut, by the internationally renowned Huntington family. Located in Redding CT.

Day Pond State Park This pond, which is the central feature of Day Pond State Park is stocked with trout. Day Pond State Park is located in Colchester.

Dennis Hill State Park is a 240 acre estate that was gifted to the State of Connecticut in 1935 by Dr. Frederick Shepard Dennis. A unique summit pavilion (formerly summer residence) located at an elevation of 1627 feet, is a popular overlook attraction. Dennis Hill State Park is located in Norfolk CT.

Devils Hopyard State Park features Chapman Falls, whose waters fall more than sixty feet. Devils Hopyard State Park is located in Haddam CT.

Dinosaur State Park features early Jurassic fossil tracks that were made 200 million years ago. There are interactive exhibits, and Dinosaur State Park Arboretum. Dinosaur State Park is located in Rocky Hill, CT.

Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park is the site of the 1781 massacre led by the traitorous Benedict Arnold. Learn Revolutionary War history lessons with a visit to Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park in Groton CT.

Fort Trumbull State Park, is where you can walk Fort Trumbull for a view of the Thames River. Fort Trumbull State Park is unique because of the Egyptian Revival features incorporated in the architectural design. Fort Trumbull State Park has a boardwalk and fishing 500 ft. pier on the Long Island Sound. Fort Trumbull State Park is located in New London CT.

Gay City State Park has 1500 acres of woods, 1700s abandoned mill town with smattering of historic ruins and foundations. Gay City State Park has a pond that attracts numerous ducks. Gay City State Park in Hebron CT.

Gillette Castle State Park looks like a medieval fortress. A step inside the stone castle reveals the built-in couches, and woodcarvings that all point to the creative genius that was William Gillette. Gillette

Haddam Meadows State Park overlooks the scenic Connecticut River. Haddam Meadows State Park is located in Haddam CT.

Haley Farm State Park Connecticut's first governor, John Winthrop Jr., owned part of the farm in 1648. Haley Farm State Park is located in Groton CT.

Hammonasset Beach State Park is Connecticut's largest shoreline park, offering over 2 miles of beach. Hammonasset Beach State Park is located in Madison CT.

Harkness Memorial State Park promotes the former summer home and gardens of philanthropists Edward and Mary Stillman Harkness. Their home was set on over 230 seaside acres. Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford CT.

Haystack Mountain State Park You can walk up the road, and then take the trail to the top of Haystack Mountain where there is a look-out tower. in the clearing, that was made out of local gneiss. Haystack Mountain State Park is located in Norfolk CT.

Hopeville Pond State Park is where you can fish and swim on Hopeville Pond. The Pachaug River in this park was a major fishing ground for the Mohegan Indians. At low water the stone weirs, constructed by the Indians at angles from the river banks, are still visible. Hopeville Pond State Park is located in Griswold CT.

Housatonic Meadows State Park provides a fine opportunity for fly fishermen to test their skills on trout and bass fishing. Housatonic Meadows State Park is located in Sharon CT.

Hurd State Park offers scenic views of the Connecticut River, with many trails. Hurd State Park is located in East Hampton CT.

Indian Well State Park has 153 acres, for fishing, boating, hiking, and mountain biking. Indian Well State Park's primary attractions are scenic waterfalls and with splash pools, all located on the western bank of the Housatonic River. Indian Well State Park is located in Shelton CT.

John Minetto State Park is popular for summertime fishing or wintertime cross-country skiing. John Minetto State Park is set on the site of the one of the first homes built in the area. John Minetto State Park is located in Torrington CT.

Kent Falls State Park Kent Falls is a designated Trout Park.Kent Falls State Park has a covered bridge, and a hiking trail to the falls, that cascades 250' down on its way to joining the Housatonic River. Kent Falls State Park is located in Kent CT.

Kettletown State Park contains 605 acres, Housatonic River and Lake Zoar. Lake Zoar is the fifth largest freshwater body in the state. Kettletown State Park is located in Southbury CT.

Lake Waramaug State Park is a mecca for sightseers and photographers. Lake Waramaug State Park consists of approximately 95 acres is located in Kent CT.

Macedonia Brook State Park The Blue Trail crosses Cobble Mountain and several other peaks, offering outstanding views of the Catskills and Taconic Mountains. Remains of a forge, and a stamping works, are still visible at the southern end of the park. Macedonia Brook State Park is located in Kent CT.

Mansfield Hollow State Park offers several walking and hiking trails. The damming of the Natchaug River by the Army Corps of Engineers has created a 500-acre lake for boating and fishing. Mansfield Hollow State Park is located in Mansfield CT.

Mashamoquet Brook State Park is actually a combination of three state parks: the original Mashamoquet Brook, Wolf Den and Saptree Run. The most famous feature is the Wolf Den, near the Den are the Table Rock and Indian Chair natural stone formations. There once operated a grist mill, It is now maintained as a museum. Mashamoquet Brook State Park is located in Pomfret CT.

Millers Pond State Park is a designated "walk-in" state park. Millers Pond State Park Reserve is located in Durham CT.

Mohawk Mountain State Forest offers panoramic vistas and a black spruce bog that offers the opportunity to view a unique plant community. Mohawk State Forest is located in in Cornwall CT.

Mount Tom State Park has a a nice swimming beach and hiking trail to a stone lookout tower. Mount Tom State Park is located in Litchfield CT.

Natchaug State Forest is popular for its horse trails, and great fishing. The name Natchaug means "land between the rivers" and refers to the land at the junction of the Bigelow and Still Rivers which join to form the Natchaug River. Natchaug State Forest is located in Eastford CT.

Nehantic State Forest has a number of good trout streams in the forest. Nehantic was the first state forest in New London County. The forest takes its name from the Nehantic Indians, whose ranging grounds once extended from Wecapaug Brook, in what is now Rhode Island, to the Connecticut River. Nehantic State Forest is located in Lyme CT.

Nipmuck State Forest has an 18-acre pond and miles of hiking trails with ample beauty. Nipmuck State Forest is located in Union CT.

Osbornedale State Park consists of 350 acre. Lands within the park off Silver Hill Road were mined for silver for a short period after the Revolutionary War. Osbornedale State Park is located in Derby CT.

Pachaug State Forest is the largest State Forest in Connecticut encompassing 24,000 acres, in 5 towns. The Pachaug River, running from Beach Pond to the Quinebaug River, runs through the center of the forest. The central portion of this land grant became "Volunteer's Town," incorporated as Voluntown in 1721. Old cellar holes and miles of stone fence winding through the woods give evidence that the entire forest was once farmed or pastured. Pachaug State Forest is located in Voluntown CT

Penwood State Park has 800 acres, with hiking trails and nature trail that encircles Lake Louise and passes by the pinnacle overlook. A section of Connecticut's Blue Blazed Trail system, and the Metacomet Trail system, traverses much of Penwood. Penwood State Park is located in Bloomfield CT.

Peoples State Forest has numerous hiking trails, The Agnes Bowen Trail, Charles Pack Trail, Elliott Bronson Trail, and the Robert Ross Trail. Peoples State Forest also has the Stone Museum. Stone Museum is a a nature museum, with displays on forestry, mammals, Native American culture, and local history. Peoples State Forest is located in Barkhamsted CT.

Putnam Memorial State Park has been designated as Connecticut's first State Archaeological Preserve. Putnam Memorial State Park was the site of the Continental Army's 1779 winter encampment under the command of General Isreal Putnam. A monument was constructed in 1888. Putnam Memorial State Park is located in Redding CT.

Quaddick State Park has cool reservoir water and a sandy beach that draws frequent crowds during the warm summer months.Quaddick State Park is located in Thompson CT.

Rocky Neck State Park the diverse trails within this park provides easy and interesting walks to the scenic salt marsh and to such points of interest as Baker's Cave, Tony's Nose and Shipyard. Seasonal changes at Rocky Neck State Park provides opportunities for fishing: mackerel, striped bass, blackfish and flounder. Rocky Neck State Park is located in East Lyme CT.

Salmon River State Forest has theses important tributaries of the Salmon River, Dickenson Stream, Blackledge River, Jeremy River, and Fawn Brook, all of which enter the main river above Comstock Bridge. Comstock Bridge is one of Connecticut's covered bridges. Salmon River State Forest is located in Colchester CT.

Selden Neck State Park is an island park, accessible by water only.There are 528 acres of deep river Connecticut Water Trails. Selden Neck State Park is located in Lyme CT.

Sherwood Island State Park Connecticut's first and oldest state park is where you can swim in Long Island Sound. Sherwood Island State Park is located in Westport CT.

Silver Sands State Park offers a beautiful beach, open for swimming and fishing. Silver Sands State Parks focuses on Charles Island. It is said that Captain Kidd buried his treasure on Charles Island in 1699. The Island is connected to the mainland by a sand bar that is submerged at high tide.The only remains on the island are of a Catholic retreat center from the 1920's-30's. Silver Sands State Park is located in Milford CT.

Sleeping Giant State Park has two miles of mountaintop resembling a large man sleeping, the "sleeping giant", is a popular feature. A 1 1/2 mile scenic trail leads to the stone observation tower on the peak of Mt. Carmel which provides an excellent view of the Long Island Sound and the New Haven area. Sleeping Giant State Park is located in Hamden CT.

Southford Falls State Park is where you can walk up the short trail to the fire tower for a good view of a U-shaped valley to the south, steepened and widened by the grinding of rocks in the ice as a glacier flowed down it between 16,000 to 24,000 years ago. Southford Falls State Park in Southbury CT. is a designated Trout Park.

Squantz Pond State Park It is said that Squantz Pond State Park takes its name from Chief Squantz who lived at the northern tip of the lake. Squantz Pond State Park's woodlands, wetlands, and a blue pond with colorful foliage invites visitors to Squantz Pond State Park in Fairfield CT.

Stratton Brook State Park provides a wonderful setting, with an impressive bike trail shaded by white pines and traveling over scenic brooks in Simsbury CT.

Topsmead State Forest was the former summer estate of Miss Edith Morton Chase. Free guided tours of the residence are offered. Chase Brass was one of the leaders in the brass industry when Waterbury was the Brass Capital of the world. Topsmead State Forest has numerous trails and unpaved lanes available for walking. Topsmead State Forest is located in in Litchfield CT.

Talcott Mountain State Park has the landmark of Heublein Tower, that sits atop Talcott Mountain and provides a splendid view of the Connecticut landscape. On the horizon you can see Mount Monadnock, eighty miles away in New Hampshire. To the northwest, the Berkshires dominate the horizon. Long Island Sound is revealed as a thin blue streak to the south. Those with sharp vision can see an area estimated to be 1,200 square miles. Talcott Mountain State Park is located in Simsbury CT.

Wadsworth Falls State Park is where you will find Wadsworth Falls and Little Falls. I suggest you start your exploration of the park on the Scout Trail, Where the trail follows the stream edge, you will soon come to a shelf of flat rock. Sometimes water may cover this outcrop. The reddish brown rock is the Portland Arkose, the famous brownstone quarried for years in Portland and used for the brownstone buildings at Wesleyan and many other buildings around Connecticut, plus the brownstone buildings of New York City. It was shipped as far as San Francisco and is one of the rocks used in building the Parliament Building in Toronto, Canada. Wadsworth Falls is located in Middlefield CT.

West Rock Ridge State Park offers a view of New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound from the top of West Rock. West Rock Ridge State Park is located in New Haven CT.

Wharton Brook State Park was the forerunner of the rest areas developed by the State Department of Transportation. Wallingford CT.


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