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Here is a list of Colorado State Parks
The majority of Colorado State Parks offer camping, many have lodging facilities that include cabins, yurts etc. Please visit the links to Colorado State Park for camping/campground information.

Arkansas Headwaters Arkansas River is the most popular whitewater boating river in the United States.

Barr Lake State Park established in 1977 in Adams County near Brighton, Colorado. Barr Lake State Park has an 8.8-mile multi-use trail that circles the lake. Fishing and boating are allowed in the northern half of the park. The southern half is a wildlife refuge, with several wildlife viewing stations and a nature center

Bonny Lake State Park is popular for hunters, swimmers, water-skiers and windsurfers. The reservoir is known for excellent fishing for walleye, channel catfish, and a variety of bass. Bonny Lake State Park also has excellent wildlife and bird watching. Bonny Lake State Park is located in the South Republican River valley area.

Boyd Lake State Park is a popular lake for ski boats, fishing boats, personal water craft, sailboats, and canoes. During the summer Boyd Lake State Park has music concerts on saturday afternoons at the Swim Beach Pavilion. Boyd Lake State Park is located in Loveland CO.

Castlewood Canyon State Park is a day-use park that offers several hiking trails. and rock climbing opportunities. There is a natural amphitheater for programs. Castlewood Canyon State Park is a great place for a wedding. Castlewood Canyon State Park is a Colorado state park near Franktown, Colorado

Chatfield State Park is where you can explore natural areas that border the reservoir. Chatfield State Park has an expansive trail system, is popular for boating and has a full service marina. At Chatfield State Park you can join in on several park naturalists programs. Chatfield State Park is located just outside of Denver CO.

Cherry Creek State Park Denver’s natural and spacious backyard water playground. Model airplane flying, horseback riding and a family shooting range are available at Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park offers 20 miles of hiking and biking trails, and is Colorado’s newest state park. Cheyenne Mountain State Park is nestled in the landscape that inspired the anthem, “America the Beautiful.”

Crawford State Park is located immediately west of the West Elk Wilderness in the Gunnison National Forest. Crawford State Park is a secluded and scenic park with fishing, watersports, hiking and nature programs.

Eldorado Canyon State Park offers over 500 technical rock climbing routes, luring climbers from around the world to challenge their skills on “Eldo’s” golden cliffs. In the winter, Eldorado Canyon State Park offers cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, all amidst a background of scenic beauty. Eldorado Canyon State Park is day-use park located in Eldorado Springs, CO.

Eleven Mile State Park has a large reservoir with outstanding fishing. The ideal wind conditions make Eleven Mile State Park a popular place for sailing, windsurfing and winter ice boating on this wide-open reservoir. Motor boaters and kayakers also find plenty of room to play. Eleven Mile State Park is located 11 miles south of Lake George, CO.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is located in Golden, CO. only 30 miles from Denver. Golden Gate Canyon State Park has alot to offer a horseback rider, mountain biker and winter sports enthusiast.

Harvey Gap State Park is where you can fish for catfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch, crappie, rainbow trout and northern pike. The 190-acre lake sits at an elevation of 6,500 feet. Harvey Gap State Park is located approximately six miles west of Harvey Gap CO.

Highline Lake State Park has two lakes: Highline Lake and Mesa Lake. At Highline Lake State Park there are miles of trails and this park is popular for birdwatching, The Audubon Society designated Highline Lake State Park an important bird area; thousands of birds migrate through the area every winter. Waterfowl hunting is allowed during season and the fishing is good! Highline Lake State Park is located northwest of Loma CO.

Jackson Lake State Park is located northeast of Orchard, Colorado. Jackson Lake State Park offers outdoor recreation, water sports and is rated "Top 15 Park Beaches" by Reserve America. Jackson Lake State Park offers wildlife viewers excellent opportunities to spot the many animals that live there. Jackson Lake is, as novelist James Michener suggests, “an oasis of the plains.”

John Martin Reservoir State Park is a sportsman’s paradise. John Martin Reservoir State Park is pretty much an undiscovered state park. John Martin Reservoir State Park is located in Hasty, Colorado.

Lake Pueblo State Park is the fishing “hot spot,” with full service marinas. Lake Pueblo State Park offers views of the Greenhorn and Wet mountain ranges to the southwest and the magnificent Pikes Peak to the north, all the makeings for a scenic wonder. Lake Pueblo State Park is one of Colorado's most popular water sports parks. Lake Pueblo State Park lies 5 miles south of Pueblo CO.

Lathrop State Park is Colorado’s first state park. Lathrop State Park has 1594 acres and two lakes: Martin Lake and Horseshoe Lake, nestled in the shadow of the Spanish Peaks. Lathrop State Park is also the only Colorado State Park with a golf course. Lathrop State Park is located 3 miles west of Walsenburg, CO.

Lory State Park consists of rolling valleys to mountainous hillsides. Lory State Park has 20 miles of trails, great for hikes, mountain bike rides, horseback rides and joggers, due to trails rarely exceed a 12 percent grade. Lory State Park lies to the west of Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins, CO.

Mancos State Park lies in the high country of the southern San Juan Mountains, at 7,800 feet. Mancos Lake is considered an alpine lake. Mancos State Park was home to the Weatherill family who discovered the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. Mancos State Park's location is near Mesa Verde National Park and also the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores.

Mueller State Park claims that the views and scenery in Colorado, is second only to Rocky Mountain National Park. Mueller State Park lies west of Pikes Peak, north of Cripple Creek and provides outdoors recreation opportunities in a beautiful setting, surrounded by mountain meadows, snow-melt creeks, forests, views to distant mountains in the southwest and in fall, aspens in full color are the highlights of Mueller State Park CO.

Navajo State Park contains the Navajo Reservoir, that extends for 20 miles South into New Mexico. Navajo State Park shares the waters of Navajo Reservoir, a 15,000-acre reservoir, with recreation sites in New Mexico. Activities at Navajo State Park are largely water-based, the reservoir is home to record-size northern pike and catfish.

North Sterling State Park contains Sterling Reservoir. Recreation in North Sterling State Park is focused upon boating, fishing, bird watching and hunting. Sterling State Park is located in northeastern Colorado, close to the South Platte River.

Paonia State Park is a mountain reservoir in view of the majestic Ragged Mountains. Paonia State Park's natural beauty and abundance of wildflowers make it a "must see" State Park in Colorado.

Pearl Lake State Park is named after Minnie Pearl Hartt, whose family helped to settle the region. Pearl Lake State Park is nestled in the mountains, just 26 mi. north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Pearl Lake State Park is noted for excellent fly fishing and lure fishing.

Ridgway State Park is one of the most popular parks in Colorado. Ridgway State Park is located just 4 mi. north of Ridgway, Colorado, Due to the park's variety of animal life, the park is used as a hunting ground and this park is popular for fishing, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout.

Rifle Falls State Park features Rifle Falls, a 80-foot triple waterfall that has been a tourist attraction since 1883. A tropical gem, with lush area of trees and greenery kept moist by the spray of the falls and limestone caves make this a popular attraction. Rifle Falls State Park is a great spot for photography. Rifle Falls State Park is located just a few miles north of Rifle CO!

Rifle Gap State Park is noted for it's clean, clear waters. The pristine 350-acre lake (reservoir) provides some of the best boating, fishing, swimming, and water-skiing in Colorado. Rifle Gap State Park is located just a few miles north of Rifle CO!

Roxborough State Park is the only state park designated by the US Department of the Interior as a National Natural Landmark, with dramatic red-rock formations, abundant wildlife and excellent hiking trails. Roxborough State Park is located southwest of Denver CO.

San Luis State Park is located in the shadow of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds grace San Luis State Park. San Luis State Park located in the San Luis Valley near the town of Mosca, Colorado

Spinney Mountain State Park is a day-use park. The 2520 acre lake is the focal point of recreation at Spinney Mountain State Park. Spinney Mountain lake (reservoir) is a great waterbird hotspot. Spinney Mountain State Park is located east of the town of Hartsel CO.

St. Vrain State Park has 80 acres of water and 50 acres of recreational land. Great fishing and excellent bird watching at St. Vrain State Park located near Longmont, Colorado.

Stagecoach State Park is centered around a 780-acre reservoir and fascinating history of mining. Fish for record northern pike and trophy trout at Stagecoach State Park. Enthusiasts can ride the five-mile, Elk Run Trail. Stagecoach State Park is located in the Yampa Valley south of Steamboat Springs, CO.

State Forest State Park has 71000 acres of forest, jagged peaks, alpine lakes, wildlife and more! State Forest State Park is a rugged setting where visitors can enjoy the Colorado wilderness. State Forest State Park is located just west of Rawah Wilderness Area, away from town, but close to Walden Colorado.

Steamboat Lake State Park has one of the best short trails in Colorado, nestled at the base of majestic Hahn's Peak in northern Colorado. Steamboat Lake State Park is a park for all seasons, that offers skiing, camping, hiking, wildlife watching and A WHOLE LOT MORE!

Sweitzer Lake State Park is a day-use park, near Delta Colorado. Sweitzer Lake State Park has a beautiful 173-acre lake, popular for boating, jet skiing and wildlife viewing.

Sylvan Lake State Park in Eagle, Colorado. Sylvan Lake State Park is one of western Colorado's best kept secrets. Sylvan Lake State Park provides a relaxing retreat.

Trinidad Lake State Park is a 2500 acre park, nestled in the foothills of the Culebra Range of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado. Trinidad Lake State Park encompasses 2700 acres, and a 800-acre lake that is ideal for numerous water sports.

Vega State Park is one of the few Colorado State Parks with OHV access to USFS lands directly from within the park. Vega Lake is a beautiful high-mountain lake that sits in an alpine meadow on the west edge of Grand Mesa National Forest. Vega State Park is high above the mountain town of Collbran, Colorado.

Yampa River State Park is located in the beautiful Yampa valley west of Steamboat Spring. Yampa River State Park is actually three “parks” in one. Yampa River State Park is home to the Elkhead Reservoir, in the winter the park offers groomed ski trails and pond skating.


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